Liza EP

by Wrinkle Neck Mules



(c) 2005 Wrinkle Neck Mules / Gold Dust Twin Music (BMI)

Tracks 3-6 recorded live in Richmond, Virginia June 24, 2005


released May 30, 2006

Produced by Wrinkle Neck Mules
Live Recording, Editing and Mixing by Chris Kress
Design by Adam Stockton



all rights reserved


Wrinkle Neck Mules Richmond, Virginia

Don Imus once said that the Wrinkle Neck Mules “don’t have what it takes to make it”. Despite Don’s prediction, the band has garnered a cult following in their 14+ years of creating a “righteous Americana mishmash”.

To date, they have recorded 5 albums on Atlanta’s Lower 40 Records and Germany’s Blue Rose.
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Track Name: Liza
Oh Liza oh Liza its time To make our run in the night Across the lower 40 and through the break in the pines Oh Liza oh Liza its time I met you in the spring one cold crazy day Snow falling with bright sunshine I never understood the first words that you said Something about the blue in your mind And you told your father I was an evil man And he cornered me at the feed store in town He said “Don’t you go near Liza, boy, or I’ll put you in the ground” All I could do was crack a smile I dreamed we danced a waltz up to the timberline And tiptoed along the power wires Your brown hair trailing us half a mile behind Oh Liza I dreamed you were mine But you told your brother I was an evil man And he came at me with a machete in his hand But he never saw my pistol, Lord, and when he hit the ground His eyes were shiny, silver and wild Oh Liza oh Liza you’re mine I wouldn’t try to struggle or fight Across the swollen river and to the old abandoned mine Oh Liza oh Liza you’re mine Oh Liza oh Liza you’re mine Oh Liza oh Liza its time Oh Liza oh Liza you’re mine
Track Name: Stolen Horses
We left Saltillo on the mares we stole bound for who knows where Crossing the river waist high in the water lit by the cigarettes glare We lost one man he reeled and he crumbled by my side Put the wounds to the fire to cauterize the bleeding for the night And I dreamed I saw a flying machine crash in burning water And the word pistola painted on the sun Boxed in against the mesa holding an empty .44 gun Sangre sobre las cabezas los dios canta triste canción Standing before the firing squad smoking our last cigars A lesson learned a stolen horse won’t get you far
Track Name: 17 Miles of Bourbon (Live)
Overdrive Kentucky 62 Smoke is rising thick and blue Wild Turkey burning, high lonesome sound 17 miles of bourbon flowing down Turn of the century it was a mystery The day that river caught fire The Lord looked down and he breathed a heavy sigh 40 gallon barrels firing at the sky And the catfish were in town looking for ginger ale And the stores sold out of all the garden hose Sheriff Amos White took the train out of town At least that’s what we all suppose It was a fateful day that clear, windy May When that green river turned a milky brown The bibles were all closed and people danced in rows Whiskey river flowing through the town
Track Name: No Consolation (Live)
You were long gone long before your departure And I knew better Sitting there sight unseen building up a head of steam And debauchery stole your nights When you left you didn’t leave me much And this sad song is no consolation Your latest scheme goes far beyond explanation And I ain’t hearing them Winds picking up again, airborne allergens And you’re wasting your breath When you left you didn’t leave me much And this sad song is no consolation What once was steel has turned to dust And this sad song is no consolation In the end I found chaos in the order When you came around you outgrew it too soon In the end I found another system failure Time to pay the jailer on my own
Track Name: Why You Been Gone So Long (Live)
(by: Mickey Newbury) : Every time it rains Lord I run to my window All I do is hang my head and mourn Listen to that thunder roar and hear that lonesome wind moan Tell me baby why you been gone so long Tell me baby now why you been gone so long You been gone so long Tell me baby now why you been gone so long Wolf is scratching at my door Lord I can hear that lonesome wind blow Tell me baby now why you been gone so long Somebody said they saw you roaring down in Reno With a big oil man from San Antone Said I'm a fool to pine for you but what do they know? Tell me baby now why you been gone so long Ain't a thing to do Lord So I guess I'll go get stoned And let the past paint pictures on my head Drink a fifth of thunderbird and smoke my way back home Tell my baby now why you been gone so long
Track Name: Discarded (Live)
It’s hard and uneasy Living in this skipped over town Once was called a music city Since then it’s been scaled down The oil that once was pavement The mud that once was brick Engulfs the gossamer river Like hot wax on a wick What once was grey is now greyer What once was cloudy is gone The streets are all layered With discarded honky tonk songs Discarded honky tonk songs Everyone fears the color scarlet With a misguided prejudice They all point their crooked little fingers At the high school reading list